Kickco supplier with 10% discount (see club instructor before ordering!


Order: Tusah Dobok here

Order: Adidas Dobok here

Order: Adidas head protector here

Order: Adidas Shin protector here

Order: Adidas arm protectors here

Order: Adidas hand protector here

Order: Adidas foot protector here

Mantkd Taekwondo Academy are costantly sourcing euipment from the best priced and quality WT competition approved protective gear. However these are third party suppliers and stocks and prices change daily.

Order: Adidas club jacket (without printing) (Red for Kup grades - Black 1st kup and Dan grades) see club instructor for more details.

Personnalised jackets:

Your name with all club logos and inscriptions

To save money try tosearch for used equipment! but beware of brands that are not on the World Taekwondo approved listing. See screenshot below taken from World below for a list of current approved brands.

click link for current authorised brands


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